Indigo Dye

Indigo Dye

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Indigo Dye: Inspired by the organic beauty of traditional indigo Dye. (note: each Indigo Dye design layout is one of a kind. If specific horizontal or vertical layout is desired, please note at time of placing order)

Custom Sizing available, contact us Recommended for indoor use. For questions on outdoor use, please contact us.

Cleaning: All you need to use is a damp cloth or mop. No heavy cleaning products necessary, but note, most products will not harm the floorcloth’s surface. In a situation where a scuff mark occurs or something is stuck to the surface, use a small amount of Goo-Gone on a Brillo sponge and gently scrub that area.

Benefits: Hypoallergenic: Unlike other rugs which collect dirt and dander, Floorcloths have a nonporous surface, making it suer easy to clean and ideal in situations where allergies are an issue.

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